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About Instagram

Instagram has each one of us hooked! All we love is scrolling through those amazing memes and reels all day. Instagram provides you a platform to share all your good moments through image posts, videos, stories, reels ,IGTV etc. We have all our live jovial and fun moments uploaded on this single platform. With multiple stars and influencers, entertaining us with their moves on reels, or healthy gossip, you find all on Instagram.

But one thing that’s exhausting is Instagram does not support downloading photos and videos to your gallery. But do not worry with our amazing Keep Post Instagram downloader, you can now download any photo or video of any size or format easily. Now store all your photos and videos in your gallery. Our app supports all browsers and software for download. Get high-quality Instagram stuff, and forget asking it from your friend. Here’s a short guide on how to download any photo or video from Instagram:

Guide to using Instagram Video Downloader

  1. Open Media Link: To download any video from Instagram. Open up that video on Instagram and make sure that the account is public or you follow it. Keep Post understands privacy and hence allows downloads only from public profiles. Downloads from private profiles are not supported.
  2. Copy the URL: Once you have opened up your video, click on the options button at the upper right corner of the post and click on the copy link option to copy the URL of that particular video, reel, IGTV Video or carousel.
  3. Paste the link: Open our Keep Post website and paste the copied URL into the field provided in the app. Now click on the download button.
  4. Select a download size: Once you click on the download button, a list of size and quality pops up on your screen. Click on the desired quality value, to get extremely clear and high video quality directly into your phone's storage.
  5. Download: Once you have selected the size and quality of your video download. The download is initiated and the video is saved directly into your device storage. Finally, now you have all your favorite Instagram stuff on your device and easily.