Everything About Instagram Reels

If you are an Instagram user, one thing you are surely hooked to is Instagram reels. You could spend the whole day scrolling through Instagram reels and still not get enough. Instagram reels house a bomb of fun, emotions, awareness, comedy etc. if you are new to Instagram, here’s all about Instagram reels.

What are Instagram reels?

Instagram saw the advent of Instagram reels on the 5th of august in 2020. Instagram reels are videos spanning 15-seconds, with multiple effects. Reels allow you to make short creative videos, that include a whole audios, effects and creative tools to style your video. These videos can be made on trending audio clips, trending challenges, awareness programs, our display any talent that you have. These reels can then be shared on your feed in the reels section. If you have a public account, you could also upload your reel for a wider audience and gain followers. After the ban of tiktok app, Instagram reels were found to replace tiktok videos. Reels offers anyone to become a creator or social media influencer and reach new audiences just like tiktok.

Why Instagram launched reels?

Keeping in mind peoples love and inclination towards tiktok and other short videos. Instagram launched its own reels section to allow its user to make short entertaining videos and allow them more content creation opportunities on its app. While Instagram never really admitted to the fact, this move was planned to beat tiktok reels competition in the market. With the ban of tiktok, reels found more audiences than ever before.

How To Create Instagram Reels?

Follow these simple steps to create reels:

  1. Let's Start: Select reels at the bottom of the Instagram camera to initiate creating reels.
  2. Audio: now in the Instagram music library search for the perfect audio that you want to make a video reel on or record your own audio. When you record your own audio that audio is attributed to you, so if anyone uses your audio by selecting “use audio” your name is displayed.
  3. AR effects: now add various effects to your video from the AR effects gallery to create multiple clips with different effects.
  4. Timer and countdown: to get a pause, for you to be ready before shooting the video, set the timer on. This gives you a countdown of 3 seconds before the recording starts to prep yourself.
  5. Align and speed: align feature of reels allows you to line up objects from your previous clips before recording your next clip, for seamless transitions, for capturing changing outfits effect or adding now location or object to frame. With the speed control feature you can increase speed, decrease speed, reverse or repeat a video multiple times.

Instagram reels a feature to power your business

Instagram reels have found immense popularity. These reels have proven to be the best way to boost businesses, specially small business houses or in-house services. Here are some ways Instagram helps power businesses:

  1. Create interesting content regularly: Instagram reels are a fun and fast way to spread a word about your products and services. Create captivating video’s with trending effects showing your stuff, and post these videos regularly. This is an easy and efficient way to show off your human aspect of business effectively.
  2. Share your content: Make your profile public, to reach a wider audience. Share your videos on this public platform to target people into investing into your business. add the latest keywords and hashtags to reach a wider audience and get more views in your content.
  3. Show off your product and services: Increase your brand awareness and build your sales by using reels to demonstrate your products and services. Help people know the benefits and beauty of your products and services through this public platform and draw more traffic and sales.