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About Instagram

Downloadgram is an online Instagram downloader that can be used to download and save Instagram media files on your mobile or desktop. Instagram does not allow its users to save Instagram media in their local storage. They just allow people to bookmark their favorite Instagram photos and videos. So, to solve this issue we have built Downloadgram. Every photo and video that is downloaded using our platform is saved in HD quality.

Instagram has more than a billion users and it is growinf day by day. So, with the help of Instazoom technical team. We have built Downloadgram to help all the users download Instagram media files.

Features of Downloadgram:

  1. Simple one-click download.
  2. Download an unlimited number of photos and videos.
  3. Save all Instagram photos in HD quality.
  4. Simple to use user interface.
  5. Helps to convert all types of video files.
  6. Save everything directly from the Instagram CDN.
  7. View Instagram profile picture in full size.

Is it safe to use Downloadgram?

Yes, it is safe to use Downloadgram. As we do not track your activities related to downloading Instagram media using our tool. You can Instagram photos or videos of any public account and they will never know that you saved their photos in your local storage.

Is there any limit for Downloading videos?

No, there is no limit on the number of video files that you can download using Downloadgram. Feel free to download as many as videos you want to download. In the coming time, we will also introduce a bulk video downloader for Instagram.

Which devices are compatible with Downloadgram?

Downloadgram needs an internet connection and browser to operate. You can use our online Instagram downloader on devices like mobile, iPad, notebook, laptop, or desktop. As they all have modern browsers to use our tool.

Can I download photos from private accounts?

No, you can only download photos from public Instagram accounts. As Instagram does not give access to media files of private accounts. You can only take screenshots of photos that belong to private accounts. That even when the account holder has accepted your request.